Christian Spiritual Healing
The Logic of the Bible
In the year nineteen hundred and thirteen he experience what is termed in the Scriptures a vision.  After nine years’ study of the Bible, and repeated experiences, he was able for the first time to convey in writing the LOGIC of what had been revealed to him. His interpretation will conflict with many of the old theological views, but if the reader will study this book, with and unprejudiced mind, he will gain a new light on the scriptures.  The Bible is a book of events, and these events form a chain throughout the ages connecting all historic periods with the Divine Plan. MORE..
Divine Science
This book will explain the relationship between Christian Science and Divine Science, and identify the consciousness of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy with the three measures of meal.  Until Christian Scientists have this explanation it will be impossible for them to understand her mission. With this explanation it will be possible for students to advance from the foothold which they have gained in Christian Science to the full understanding of Divine Science. IN CHRIST AND CHRISTMAS, The last complete writing of Mrs Eddy did not confine her expression to word symbols, This is a book of picture symbols. MORE..
The Mediator
The Mediator answers three questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? It was in a state of consciousness that the true meaning of Christian Science was revealed to the author.  While in this state of consciousness he discovered that man is threefold in nature and it was then that he saw what the ancients prophets and priests were illustrating ..while ministering to the congregation. MORE...      
 How to Demonstrate Supply
The word “Supply”, implies vastly more than it would first suggest.  It not only includes one’s daily needs, such as food, clothing, a place to live, money, as well as the Christ-unity ..of consciousness.  This constitutes completeness. Before one can open wide the channel that supplies one’s human needs, and receive all the blessings that God has intended that man should have, one must first learn what has obstructed the supply channel. MORE...
Carl Gluck often quotes the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy, but his books are non-denominational.  “The numerous church organizations that we see today are the result of many interpretations of the Bible.  There is no question but that church organization has done a great deal of good in the world” Carl Gluck.  He sees an increasing sense of unity among religious organizations, perhaps the ecumenical trend of recent years will come to fruition.  These books are NON-Sectarian, and will meet the need of every Student of the Scriptures.  Gluck concludes in The Mediator follows: "As our human sense of God yields to a spiritual sense of God, we will understand God to be the Principle of good, and will no longer fear to follow that which is good. The good we do and embody is the degree of God that we express and this degree determines whether our lives are barren or rich with God's blessings."
Discover The Answers in The Writings of Carl Gluck
Carl Gluck in his search for the eternal answers of Right and Wrong, followed the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and in the process discovers ”The Healing Power Of The Scriptures”
Awake Thou That Sleepeth
March 21, 1950 Alan S. Henry wrote the letter published in this 26 page book to the Board of Directors The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston Massachusetts.  He has a dissident viewpoint about membership in the Mother Church. Through out this letter it is discussed that there were variances in viewpoints in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Mr Henry’s beliefs. ORDER.
The Story of My Life
This 12 page book will explain more about The Book of Life as told by Adam. This book tells not only my story but your story also, as each of us have tread the same pathway throughout time. “The conscious thought is the spiritual man’s thought, which is engrossed in the present day happenings, and this engrossment acts as a veil which hides from his memory the happenings of the past”   ORDER..
Life Beyond the Grave
This eight page booklet reveals the thought to the spiritual aspects of life.  Written by Carl Gluck in 1942 right after the beginning of World War II. People were asking what becomes of those who lose their lives in this conflict, and what is their hope for the future? This is a highly appropriate subject even today! ORDER...      
 Mediator Light
Carl Glucks’s short study of the student of Christian Science and their demonstration to make over some particular problem in their life.  There is  always one thing in our lives that seems harder to overcome than anything else, and every one’s problem seems greater than another’s. 22 pages ORDER...
Free Masonry and the Bible  Carl Gluck believes the history of the Masonic Order can only be understood by studying the Bible, not only for the many stonemasons but also for many symbols and mysteries.  Masonry is founded on the Bible. The purpose of this 104 page treatise is to interpret Masonry, and to trace the teaching to the inspired men of the Bible who had the true understanding of that which today is called freemasonry.  MORE...